NOVE九号館 is a brand new modern Chinese dining experience by Octavium Group, 

serving some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong as well as famous Chiu Chow-style marinated delicacies.

Restaurant names by numerical theme – “Nine”, which in Chinese“九号館” and  in Italian “NOVE”. Located in Central, Li Yuen Street East is one of the most characteristic districts in Hong Kong where east meets west.  Our artistic director Albert Kwan, mingles auspicious red lanterns hanging from the high ceiling, casting a moody glow to the vintage framed oval mirrors and wall sconces, to create splashes of ’60s Chinoiserie vibe.

Under our extremely high ceiling, nearly 4 metres in height, NOVE九号館 looks spacious and comfortable. Bold red lanterns, which symbolise of good luck, are hanging from the ceiling. Plaques on the wall say Cantonese 4-syllabic Idiomatic Expressions. One can not only indulge his or her palate with local flavours, but also discovers the local culture from an interesting perspective.

Red vinyl booths offer cosy seating for two, with other four tops scattered throughout the room, set with dark mahogany chairs against a mosaic tiled floor. Giuseppe Castiglione paintings scroll across the walls to symbolise the union between Chinese and Italian culture. 

Nove is the result between the harmony of traditional Chinese cuisine and the warmth of Italian hospitality, where traditional and modern coexist.